Thursday, December 11, 2008

See his smile?

I swear, this Porcupine smiled for the camera! CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO MAKE IT BIGGER!

Busy week! I am scrambling this week. Kids are goofy, I have one meeting after another. I get out of the meeting to find one of my students has stomped on a teacher's foot and then into another meeting. I am going to be working this weekend to finish off paperwork.

Yesterday evening in Juneau: A boy got a gun out of a locked cabinet and played with it. He knew it had no bullets in it. He was wrong. He was shot through the chest and his innocent friend that just walked into his room also took the bullet. One bullet through two kids. One is dead and one is in critical condition.

I fly out to Portland, OR next Tuesday and have jury duty in Portland on Thursday. I lived in Portland for 20 years and never got called to Jury Duty. I move to Alaska and get called - such a deal.


Kim said...

Rich love the photo, he does look like he is smiling.

I am so sorry to hear of your troubled week. So terribly sad about those two boys.

What a total bummer about your jury duty.

Get some rest this weekend and get outside. That always helps to unwind my mind when its weary.

Rich said...

The week is typical crazy before vacation. It is ok really. The boy who stomped on the teacher's foot - his dad is out of town so he is at a babysitters and sleeping in a strange bed.

Jury duty just moved up my travels by 3 days. I got on a case in CA once and kind of liked it.

The boys being shot - that is a big loss. Needless.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you're serving jury duty in OR when you live in AK? Isn't that determined by voter's registration?

Sorry to read about the boys who were shot. That's really sad.

Rich said...

I voted absentee in OR. Since I lived in OR for so many years, I know the OR issues better than AK. I am a relative newbie in AK.

Anonymous said...