Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow is off the trees today!

More rain so the snow fell off the trees. The roads are clear and piled up alongside the road. The snow is supposed to stick around for the weekend so I can play in it!
That is my old truck in front of the trees. I did not dig it out until later. I walked to school.

Kalen: Snowmobiles - not many in Juneau. Snow melts too fast. Cars and public transportation here. In the villages, Snowmobiles and airplanes are the vehicles. They are the preferred way to travel. Flying is quite expensive - snowmachines overall cost is cheaper. (It cost 300.00 each way to fly from Anchorage to my village on the Yukon.)
The white folks in the cities use snow mobiles for entertainment and sport but most often use vehicles to get around and to/from work. This photo is fuzzy - just noticed.


Kim said...

Thanks for the info Rich. I can't believe how much it costs to fly there.

Nice picture of the snow on the tree. Enjoy your snow! We are supposed to get freezing rain which I hate more than anything. I would much rather have your snow.

Rich said...


Snow is much better than freezing rain. FR is terrible. Slush gets old fast too. The village always had snow and ice but the Yukon ice had a little grip to it, not super slick like freezing rain.

Anonymous said...