Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jon Stewart on Republicans and their pushing for war in Iraq


But let's start tonight with our continuing coverage of Mess O'Potamia.  As you know, we went into Iraq for one reason, and for one reason only.

JOHN BOEHNER (6/8/2006): That's what this fight is about in this part of the world, planting the seeds of democracy. CONDOLEEZZA RICE (12/21/2006): ... that seed of democracy in Iraq.
It wasn't about weapons of mass destruction or 9/11 — once those reasons were found to be unsupported by reality.  It was about America!  It was about what happens when one country loves another country very much.  And that country then deposits his democracy seed (audience laughter) — typically laser-guided (audience laughter) — into another country's, let's say, fertile crescent.  (audience laughter and applause) By the way, if you think the seeding of democracy metaphor is slightly more tortured than many of the people we brought that democracy to, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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