Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To Alaska with a stop in OR and then WA.

I left Wells today and I will be in Portland tonight. I have a lot to do in Portland and will take off to Puyallup, WA this weekend. I am going to get on the ferry to Juneau Aug 6. I am nervous and excited. I have a tough job in Juneau so I could really screw it up if I read kids, and parents, wrong. I might add that I always start a school year nervous. The chance of screwing the job up is always possible. I am in a good place because I am retired and honestly, I do not have to work for 20 more years to get a regular income.

I might also say that I had a year off and it was great. Remodeling the Wells house was a great learning experience and I got to be an involved Grandpa, which is good. I also found out that I am not ready to really retire yet.

Wishing all well. I do expect to blog regularly now that I am on my way north.

This picture is of the Wells house that Gar and I just got painted. We even have the porch done now but I forgot to get a picture.


Anonymous said...

Great job!

Anonymous said...

holler when you get here!
Alaska Pi