Friday, July 16, 2010

Pole Creek, Nevada

Amazing day!

I was supposed to get firewood at Pole Creek but two chainsaws are messed up - No Go.

Then Tricia said she wanted to go to Pole Creek. I remembered I had wood stacked up from fall and we could go get that. We loaded up two grandsons and took the back road to Pole. It is 140 miles each way to Pole Creek and with a V8 engine, it can be spendy.

We took dirt roads exclusively and saved 50 miles each way. I got the wood loaded into the truck and then we took the little boys hiking. Pole Creek is at 8000 feet and it was 90 degrees at 5000 feet, so Pole is cooler. We found new firewood along a road. We only passed two cars on the entire trip. It was like we were on top of the world. Pole Creek is a pretty amazing place. I was in charge of Pole Creek last fall. It has 7 buildings which house various scientists and data gatherers for the Forest Service and Wildlife agencies.

I am back to painting the house, trying to get it done.

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