Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mike Doogan was wrong!

Mike Doogan, D-Representative, outed AKM Muckracker from The Mudflats blog. I have read The Mudflats daily since I have been in Juneau. The Mudflats has given me the perspective which I needed to make sense of Alaska. I think Mike Doogan was wrong in his anger towards The Mudflats. His going after a blogger to intimidate is totally wrong. I hope he has the courage to apologize, at the very least. His inept attempts to justify what he did cannot be excused.


Greytdog said...

Hiya JuneauJoe! Whew, think Doogan can even comprehend what a firestorm he's unleashed? It will be interesting. I'm waiting for a response from the Alaska Dems regarding this. . .wonder how this will spin?
Anyway, you might want to check out Immoral Minority's blog - some updates there. And DailyKos has a really great writeup regarding the legal - Constitutional - ramifications that Doogan may be (and should be) facing.

Rich said...

Thanks Greytdog, I have been following those blogs too. He created a mess and outing AKM was needlessly mean spirited.