Thursday, January 15, 2009

Starvation in Emmonak

I was in Emmonak, AK from Jan - May of 2008. I just found out about the people having to choose between food or fuel. It was usually at least 15 BELOW ZERO in Emo at this time of year. The heating fuel prices are $7.50 a gallon and the price will soon go up to $11.00 a gallon because they have to fly the fuel in.

I can vouch for the hardships of the Villages. I saw it first hand. I see Mr. Tucker called Gov Palin but has not received a return call.


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Kim said...

How sad. There must be some kind of emergency assistance the AK government can do to help these people. Perhaps even get some federal aide. Oil prices have decreased sharply here. I wish some of it could have trickled up to your state. :o(