Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rain and more rain!

It is raining like crazy today! There was a place by Governor Palin's Gov Mansion which had 4 feet of water on the road. Seems the snow buildup/piles were not allowing the water to go downhill, so it made a big pool at the bottom of a hill. That was yesterday morning but they have since removed the snow and it is drained. Palin should be coming into town any day now - session starts soon. It was 35 degrees and many people are talking about the warmth and glad that we are back to warmer. Personally, I liked 25 degrees and powder snow as long as I do not have to shovel multiple times during the day.

The pictures are of a couple of the biggest icicles. They are like 15 feet long - BIG!
they are long gone by now though.

SCARY! I just looked on the weather map for the weather for the rest of the week. Wed and Thurs - rain and 40 degrees - normal. THURS EVE AND FRIDAY - THEY HAD A RAIN CLOUD 3 TIMES BIGGER SHOWING A DOWNPOUR! Yikes - this constant rain we have had is just a small taste of what is to come? Yikes!


Kim said...

15 feet long???? I CANNOT even imagine!!! I am so jealous of your temps, it is so cold here. I NEVER thought I would say that considering you are in Alaska, but it is actually warmer there than here!

I hope you get your snow soon so you can get out there w/ your snow board.

Rich said...

I have been reading that the East Coast is getting the chilly temps. Juneau is the warm part of Alaska. We are right by the ocean which keeps us warmer than inland Alaska. I have Monday off so I am hoping to go snowboarding once or twice this weekend. I might have to wear rain gear but they have plenty of snow.