Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunrise and Ski area

Two pictures are of Eaglecrest Ski Area and 1 picture is of the sunrise.
What a beautiful day to be outside. The weather forecast as told by a local is 3 days of cold and sun, then 20 feet of snow during vacation. Portlland just got 6 inches of snow today.


Kim said...

When are you leaving for Portland?? I can't get over how much snow you are supposed to get. Seriously!!!

Love the photos, but the last is my favorite. Simply beautiful.

Rich said...

I fly out tomorrow at 1 PM. Those pictures are at the top of the mountain. I took the ski lift up and snowboarded (lots of falling) down. We had another super sunny day. Portland is being hit with lots of snow.
I am a novice snowboarder, my daughter forced me to do it a few years ago. Still trying but it is not pretty.

*Brianna* said...

Alex's new song (I've been hearing it all day):

"Pappi Lassa. PAPPIIII Lassa. Pappi come back! My house too."

Rich said...


Tell Sky and Al that I will see them probably tomorrow. If early enough, I might drop by tonight.

Time sure flies.