Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mountains around Mendenhall

Here is a lake by the U of Alaska Juneau campus. It is along the road to nowhere. The mountains are by Mendenhall Glacier.

I was taking pictures this AM and got some great shots of the moon and of the sunrise. Weird though: It was +20 degrees and my hands would freeze up. In the village, it would be 20 and 30 below zero and did not freeze up like the 20+ did. In the village, I would be out for an hour or so at 20 below and no big deal. Here at 20+, I would be out of the truck for 15 minutes and I was freezing.

While out, I saw two eagles munching on something by Gasteneau Channel. Some little birds were trying to get their share of the food. The little guys were right there snatching food with the Eagles. Thought that was interesting. (This eagle picture is from a week ago, not this AM) I saw an eagle at the dump yesterday too.

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