Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Got on a trial

I had to go to jury duty and was running late but got there. I sat around and got called to a trial. I got picked for the jury. I have to go back tomorrow. I hope the case ends tomorrow.
I woke up and checked the computer and it said 6:15. I had to be in Portland by 8 AM. I went out into the living room and looked at the clock - IT SAID 7:15. We had snow and ice and I had 15 miles into Portland. No eating, No coffee - just got dressed and went.
I made it to the court house at 8:00 AM - just under the wire. (My plan was to take mass transit but I was too late for that.)

My computer is on Alaska time.

I forgot a camera or I would have taken pictures of Portland. We had snow much of the day and white streets. Driving in, it reminded me of Juneau. I hope I am awake enough to take pictures tomorrow. GRAB THE CAMERA ON THE WAY OUT! GRAB THE CAMERA ON THE WAY OUT! Grab the...
The picture is of Juneau. It snowing or raining and freezing in Portland, OR. Palm Springs, CA got 2 inches of snow: Juneau is sunny and cold. Want sun - go to Alaska?


Kim said...

Doh regarding jury duty. I was one a jury once and had to convict someone of a drug crime. It was obvious he was guilty, but it depressed the heck out of me being the one to send him to jail. He had a wife and baby and was no older than 24 years old. I knew we did the right thing but I cried all the way home. I don't ever want to do it again.

Sending warm thoughts your way. Portland sounds wonderful. I have always wanted to go there.

Keep me posted on what's going on with jury duty and your visit to Portland if you can.

Take care.

Rich said...

Kalen, I am so glad jury duty is over. 4 counts - guilty on 3 and not guilty on one. He would have been guilty on 4 if we had more info about injuries to a fellow knocked down by a car. I felt sorry for the fellow. Poor guy stealing copper wire from the Railroad. He had a suspended license.

Portland: No pictures today either. I forgot my camera in the car and it was dark when we got out. I will get some, just a matter of when.

After Juneau, Portland seems like a big city. I crunched a tail light on my car backing out of the parking lot - yuk. In Juneau, you do not have to back out of tight spots.

Now, I can see Portland. I am finally out of the court room.
Have a good Friday. Working is for the birds but a person has to do it.