Thursday, December 18, 2008

Columbia River Gorge

This is my favorite hiking area in the Portland area. There are hikes galore here. I have not been here since coming back. I have been on Jury duty and the crime was committed here in the Gorge. A fellow took copper wire by the Railroad track and then bumped into a Railroad Employee as he left the area. We found him guilty on 3 of 4 charges. He almost lost on all 4 counts - very close call on that last charge. If we would have had medical information about the accident, he would have been guilty on all 4 counts.

I am sure glad it is over. Felt a bit sorry for the fellow. Just a broke fellow who went for some easy cash. He was driving on a suspended license.

The picture is from this summer. I have not taken any photos in Oregon yet. I will go take some shots of my favorite spots one of these days. We have snow. I am supposed to snowboard at Mt Hood tomorrow! HELP! What am I thinking?
Note: This Gorge area gets hammered with snow and ice in the wintertime. They just close the road rather frequently. The wind blows through here. Freezing rain is common here too. It can be a nasty place to drive in winter.


Kim said...

Rich, if you can snowboard in Alaska, you can snowboard anywhere!! You spoke of snow shoeing on my blog and I wanted to let you know I have been eyeing snow shoes at Lands End. I am going to try it this winter to make the most of the weather.

Sorry about the jury duty. I hope I never have to do it again. I know it is our civic duty and all, but I have done my part and they can pass the baton onto someone else. I am glad its over for you.

Very nice photo. Have fun snow boarding.

Rich said...

Kalen, I would encourage to buy those snow shoes. After I buy something, I am then obligated to use them and it sure makes me feel better and winter goes faster too.

Jury Duty: I was once on a medical malpractice case and it was quite interesting. We found the Dr. innocent and that case was a great learning experience. We had expert witnesses, etc. I had to learn a lot about medical procedures quick while on the jury. No jail - lots of learning.
Quite interesting.