Thursday, April 23, 2015

Retriever Towing in Portland, OR is a PREDATORY TOWING COMPANY! Today they unlawfully towed a Honda Civic and charged $357.00 to get it back.

Retriever Towing in Portland, Oregon is a Predatory Towing company and they towed a Honda Civic as the owner was in an apartment picking up her
grandkids. She was getting the kids ready for tumbling class and got out to find the car missing. The maintenance folks said they saw Retriever Towing around last week so call them. (The Apartment DOES NOT have a contract with Retriever and was told to leave the Apartment last week.) Retriever was called and they did tow (steal) the Honda Civic. Retriever had no right to take that car and have refused to show pictures of any infractions, or give a written explanation of any infractions AND THEY REFUSE TO SHOW US THE LAW WHICH ALLOWS THEM TO TOW (STEAL) CARS from innocent people taking their grandkids to a class.

RETRIEVER TOWING of Portland, OR is being asked to provide:
1. Written Reason for the Towing of the Honda Civic 2. Pictures of any infractions which was reason for the tow. 3. Name of the person who authorized the tow. 4. Copy of the law which gives them the authority to tow. 5. Copy of the Contract with the Apartment which gave them the authority to tow (steal) the Honda Civic at Sunnyside on 4/23/2015. I will go to the office tomorrow to see if they will provide the above 5 items. I got an email saying NO, they will not provide them. They hung up on me after being quite rude to me on the phone. I have gotten 1 email from Charles White at Retriever Towing saying that I am arrogant.

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