Thursday, April 30, 2015

Retriever Towing hates me!! I said some business practices are illegal and send the tow pictures.

Yesterday, Scott at Retriever Towing said he would not communicate with me again.

I wrote that he is breaking state law by not communicating.  I then explained that OR State Law says any person can ask another person (or not) to help them in filing and sorting through a grievance with a company or person.  Grandma M happened to choose me.

I then wrote his company is breaking OR State Law by not sending the pictures of the tow.  The pictures are required by law and Grandma M payed for those pictures when she got her car.  They then sent another form which says HOLD HARMLESS. 

I told Scott at Retriever Towing that the HOLD RETRIEVER TOWING HARMLESS is ILLEGAL IN THE STATE OF OREGON.  As part of the 2007 law they cannot do this.  It is illegal.  (I have an advisor who read and knows the law and fills me in on such stuff.)

I have many questions about the Annoyance Fee which he will not talk about but I will bring up in every forum possible until we get a resolution.  Even then, We are considering releasing our information to media.  How Tow Truck Companies work in Portland, OR is a significant issue.  The Grandma M tow cost almost $400.00 and when I was in the office to be escorted out by the Police last week, they were getting many calls for tows.

I will send one more email asking him to please send the pictures, they were bought and paid for.  Grandma M put my email down in the complaint sheet as well as my phone number and it is legal to send the photos to where ever she chooses.

I also told them that ANYONE WHO SIGNED THE Hold Harmless letter is not bound by the letter because it is illegal in Oregon because of the 2007 Oregon Law.  I went on to say that anyone who signed that letter needs to get a letter from Retriever saying that the HOLD HARMLESS is illegal in Oregon and they have the legal right to seek redress to any towing issue.

I am not making many friends at Retriever Towing in Portland, OR.

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