Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jon Stewart ttalks to Judith Miller re: She helped start the Iraq War

Earlier this week Neil Lewis — formerly of the New York Times —  cast a jaundiced eye on what he called Judith Miller’s “rehab  tour,” as she hit the talking head shows/media sit-downs promoting her “mistakes-were-made-but-not-just-by-me” memoir, “The Story: A Reporter’s Journey.”
Miller, who is notable for being the Bush Administration’s go-to cheerleader for the war in Iraq, is trying to rehabilitate her well-deserved image as a willing dupe who funneled Bush Administration propaganda onto the front page of the New York Times in return for access and flattery.
While admitting that he and Miller have a lot of bad blood between them, Lewis pointed out that the timing of Miller’s mea culpa – very light on the “me” — makes use of the passage of time and disinterested interviewers extending professional courtesy to a fellow journalist to help her promote her book. This allows Miller to muddy the water and spread the blame, saying “we all screwed up.”
“She has made sporadic efforts before to defend her reporting. But now she’s employing an important element in the modern method of obfuscation and confusion. Waiting several years after the events, she tries to take advantage of fading memories, especially involving detailed and complicated matters,” Lewis wrote. “Time and complexity are the best friends of a determined distorter of events.”

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