Monday, April 27, 2015

I have my computer back and Retriever Towing, Portland, OR Update

My computer is back, so I am not on a 8 year old slug so I can actually get online in regular time.

My computer is working great!!!!  I could not be more pleased.

The towing Situation:

Retriever Towing, Portland shut down their Facebook site this morning.  Seems the Grandma M stupidity (illegal and unwarranted tow) last week and us post on their Facebook page was too much for them to handle.  They had NO positive comments on their Facebook Page actually.

I got a letter saying they are not Predatory and they then they defined Predatory Towing.  I have had the opportunity to talk to people who also defined Predatory Towing as: 1.  Going into places WITHOUT AN ACTIVE CONTRACT and towing.  (Retriever Towing seems to be going in to places where they had towing contracts previously and towing when people are taking in Groceries, kids and such. Which as the case in the Grandma M situation.)

They sent a form saying they would send pictures if Grandma M would hold them harmless.  I shot back they have permission from the form given to them last week.  I also said Grandma M would consider signing the form with the Hold Harmless part crossed out.

I am waiting for the response.  Basically, I am looking at 3 weeks of getting the law, reading it and finding other cases.

AGGRAVATION FEE:  Evidently (2 sources) This Tow company will add additional aggravation fees if you upset someone in the Tow Office.  The fine can be more than the Tow Fee I am told.  I also have reason to suspect that they tried to throw on an aggravation fee after Grandma M got the car back.  IT WAS TURNED DOWN.

I have a question to them about is there such a thing as an aggravation fee and what triggers it?

I don't think I am making any friends at Retriever Towing in Portland, OR.

Have a good day.  I will be updating regularly.

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