Saturday, April 25, 2015

I had the police called on me yesterday by Retriever Towing in Portland, OR.

The ongoing saga of the towed Honda Civic.

I got 1 email from from Retriever Towing and then nothing.  I took a letter into the dispatch office to request:  Pictures of the infraction, written statement of why the car was towed, contract with the apartment (they don't have one) and a copy of the law.

I was filming as I gave them the letter.

They said stop filming and I did not.  They called the police.

I waited and had a good conversation with the police  I learned a lot which is very helpful as we proceed forward.  I have gotten no information from Retriever towing.

This morning I got an email from Retriever saying:  You like to talk to the police?

I replied Yes, it was very helpful

I then asked for the pictures and feel they are in violation of the law by not sending pictures.

I also said I am fine with talking to the licensing bureau and to those who made the laws.

I am going to read the law and find out if Retriever Towing is following the law.  If they are not following the law, i will point that out.  There may need to be a change of laws.

3 TV Stations have shown an interest in the story.  A grandma parks her car and goes to get 2 Grandkids ready for tumbling class.  She and the kids come out to a car gone.

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