Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gitmo: 4 Million per prisoner for each year: Republicans insist it stay open.

The annual price tag for holding prisoners at Guantanamo Bay is nearing $4 million per inmate, but Congress advanced a defense bill early Thursday that again prevents President Barack Obama from closing the notorious facility.
In the early morning during work on the massive National Defense Authorization Act of 2016, the House Armed Services Committee voted down an amendment that would have freed the White House to begin dispersing the prisoners held at Gitmo, about half of whom have been deemed by the military and intelligence community to pose no threat to the United States.
The amendment had been offered by the top Democrat on the committee, Rep. Adam Smith (Wash.), who has tried for years to close the expensive facility, estimated to be the costliest in the world.
“There are better places to hold people who need to be held in Guantanamo in a far more cost-effective manner, and I still believe it is in the best national security interests of our country to close Guantanamo,” Smith said.

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