Sunday, April 19, 2015

Video breaks down the cost of Gun Violence in 90 seconds. It is Sickening

Everyone always says you can’t put a monetary value on life, and that’s true – but you can put one on the costs involved in taking one, and they’re staggering.
According to a video Mother Jones put out April 15 titled, “What Does Gun Violence In America Really Cost?” that figure reaches approximately as high as $229 BILLION a year. To put that into perspective for you, that’s $55 billion more than the worldwide revenue collected by Apple in 2012, which totaled $174 billion. It’s $5 billion more than the $224 billion the United States spends on obesity annually, as well.
Think for a moment about how big the dieting market is to understand just how much we spend on gun violence every year. It approaches the $251 billion we spend on Medicaid and the $289 billion we spend annually on smoking.

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