Sunday, April 19, 2015

13 Ways Republicans have declared WAR on the Middle Class and Poor

13 Ways Republicans Have Declared War On Average Americans : So Why Do People Vote For Them?

Here are the lucky unlucky thirteen reasons why Republican members of both houses of congress have declared a war on the middle class and the have-nots while the average Americans’ living standards slip further down the ladder rungs.
  1. Bleed domestic programs to death.
  2. Who needs new or better jobs?
  3. Who needs a good education?
  4. Who needs health care anyway?
  5. Next on the chopping block: Social Security.
  6. Privatize Medicare, health care for seniors.
  7. Kick 7 Million Poor People Off Medicaid.
  8. Our century’s version of “Let Them Eat Cake.”
  9. But give the Pentagon more blank checks.
  10. And use the excuse of endless war to do it.
  11. Corporate taxes are still too high, right?
  12. And the rich can’t afford to pay, either.
  13. But working class and poor must pay more.
The Republican’s budget proposals would undeniably make life much harder for millions of average Americans. So I’ll ask again; why do people keep voting for them?


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