Tuesday, April 28, 2015

11 Stupid Reason White People Have Rioted


There is a long and storied history of behaviors being depicted through the prism of people's skin color. During Hurricane Katrina, as people of all races desperately searched for provisions, the media reported that white people “found” food, while black people “looted.”

Inspired by a list compiled by political blogger @red3blog in a series of tweets, here’s a more in-depth look at the 11 most ridiculous reasons white people have rioted.
11) Denver 1998: Denver Broncos Win Super Bowl.
9) Vancouver 2011. Vancouver Canucks Lose the Stanley Cup.

5) Pennsylvania 2011. Penn State Fires Coach Joe Paterno for Looking the Other Way While His Assistant Coach Sexually Molested Children.
4) Knoxville, Tennessee, 2010. Lane Kiffin Decides He Doesn't Want to Coach for the University of Tennessee Anymore.
1) Keene, New Hampshire, 2014. Pumpkin Festival Takes Place. No Really... a Pumpkin Festival.
The much-mocked Keene State College riots this year are not just evidence that white people can and will riot without the slightest provocation, they are a troubling look at the very different ways our society views behaviors based on skin color. In October, Keene State held its annual Pumpkin Festival, a seemingly innocuous annual gathering that somehow devolved into drunken (white) students turning over cars, throwing bottles at the cops, stealing street signs, starting fires, shouting obscenities at the police, and somehow, surviving without a single person being so much as tased. Ironically, despite early unrest, peaceful protests in Ferguson had been ongoing for weeks, but conservative media, for some reason, labeled those activists criminals. Twitter couldn’t help noticing the difference, resulting in tweets that wondered "Why are they tearing up their own community?" and suggesting “White people in New Hampshire really need to do some self-reflection and regulate their animal impulses in the wake of #keenepumpkinfest.”

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