Monday, September 10, 2012

Snow in Alaska.  Hatcher Pass has snow and Fairbanks had a freeze and is supposed to get snow.  We get snow 2 weeks or a month after places North so I am assuming we will continue with rain.  It rained all weekend in Juneau.  I am kind of glad because I felt like crap and I just crashed at my apartment.  I left a couple of times but had sneezing or coughing fits and went back home.  Today I still feel rough but I got an OK sleep.  I sneezed and coughed myself awake about 2 AM and was about to fall asleep when cats started fighting.

True Story from this weekend:  My son in law went to get a load of wood while the kids stayed home with Grandma.  (Mom was away taking a class.)  Dad got home with a trailer load of wood and the 1st grade boy, Shad and Pre-School Rana got their ear protection and gloves and went to work helping their dad, Gar, split wood.  Rana threw the wood that was too small to split, Dad put the wood on the splitter and Shad worked the lever.  They worked for an hour and Grandma and kids got the wood stacked.  Daddy then put the kids on the driving lawn mower and mowed the backyard and frontyard.

That is such a great way for kids to grow up.  I had a big smile on my face when I was told about the weekend my Grandkids had.

Ash, Brian and Baby B are settlling in but the parents are not getting a lot of sleep.  Thankfully, Brian's parents live across the street and can be called to go over in the AM and take Baby B to their house so the parents can get some sleep.

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