Sunday, April 22, 2012

EARTH DAY 2012 AT MENDENHALL GALCIER IN JUNEAU, AK Mendenhall Glacier is crumbling from within and it is super noticeable in the 4 years that I have been observing it. Those who have been watching it for 20 years are amazed at how it has changed. I have had old timers tell me that the rate of destruction is increasing. Visitors come to the Glacier and they see a Glacier which is huge. It is still 100 miles long and for one who has not seen it before, it looks immense. I have seen it long enough to see the significant changes which have taken place in the short span of 4 years. I know some folks like to play the NO GLOBAL WARMING GAME but they are full of crap. I see it, it is real. I read where we have 5 years to seriously try to get our carbon problem worked on before we cannot fix it- time is running short. Enjoy your Earth Day but take what happens to our environment, and planet, seriously please.

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