Saturday, October 8, 2011

Goodbye, Julie - I miss you!

My sister Julie passed away this past week. She died in her sleep.

I have never had an easy time with death and dying. The first death was Kelly, a niece who died at 2. I remember praying when she was in the hospital that God would take me instead. I was about 8 or 9. I had a brother in law die when I was at the house and I felt bad because he left a daughter with no father. I had two daughters at the time and felt terrible because I would not want my children to grow up without a father. The hardest death for me was my father. He was an alcholic and a bad gambler. I appreciate that he told me at a young age to go to college and be a lawyer. I never felt like I really had a father and spent my life trying to be the father I never had. It was hard going to his funeral.

The best funeral and separation from this world was my mother, June (Brisco) Miller. I was fortunate enough to see her monthly the year she passed. It was sad but so very rewarding to see her at the end. The stories and memories will always be treasured during those times. The night of mom's passing will always be a pleasant memory. Many people surrounding her quietly and respectfully telling stories and shedding tears and watching her take her last breath. When she took that last breath, we had lightning and thunder which lit the room and the loud boom. It was so very fitting. Every person in that room had experienced the joy of knowing her.

Today, a person from that room is gone. Julie, my sister, has moved on. I sure hope she gets to see mom and so many others who made us the people we are today. Julie lived a great life and will be missed. It will be a big adjustment for Bill, her loving husband. They were a great combination as a couple and made a wonderful family.

Love you Julie, miss you! Don't let mom keep you up all night talking - she can when she gets on a roll. I am going for a hike in you and Aunt Ada's honor. Love You, Sis.


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear of your loss. Death is always difficult...The belief in reuniting one day is a comfort.

Rich said...

If anyone deserves to go on to heaven, it would be my sister and my mom.

Cordell Bertsch is another one that should be in heaven. I am still pissed at Cordel for letting a load of logs fall on him. I was the dumb and careless one, he was methodical and exact. I hear your boys are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful uncle rich