Saturday, May 14, 2011

Herbert Glacier - The pictures from the chopper ride

I had a Helicopter ride this morning. We went to Herbert Glacier. I got a ticket for 50.00 and the money was donated to a Cancer Program. I happened to see a gal I worked wih before and she told me about the cheap tickets. I was able to get the last ticket available. The chappers are just starting with tourism and we only had 2 ships in today so they had extra seats which they sell at the discounted price. We are supposed to get back to 4 and 5 ships a day and the Choppers are sold out when all the ships arrive.

We took off from the airport, went by Mendenhall Glacier and went along the Glacier. It is live 12 miles long. It can be as deep as 4000 feet in some places and 200 hundred feet in other places. I saw ice falls, the combining of two glaciers into one glacier. That is where the rocks are lined up in a row. We still have quite a bit of this years snow so it is white up on top. That will change as the weather heats up.

We landed on Herbert Glacier and he shut down the chopper and we got to walk around for 15 minutes and take pictures. I had a fellow from South Dakota and two people from Australia on the chopper as passengers with me. This is the pilots first year of piloting in Juneau. He has been flying from Las Vegas and has 8 years of experience.

I got about 200 pictures and/or short videos. I cannot see them as I put them up so I have no clue what is going onto the blog until I post it.

It was quite good, but honestly, cross country skiing into the Glacier is better. It was excellent to get a the view from above of the places I have hiked or cross country skied.

Animals: I saw a couple of mountain goats sunning themselves on big rocks close to Herbert. There were also about 8 eagles flying around us in the helicopter. The trip from Juneau to Herbert Glacier was so much shorter than driving the 25 miles to the Herbert Glacier trailhead.

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