Sunday, January 31, 2010

Horses, Hay, Fences, snow and ice.

I am back in Wells, NV. I am the horse guy for a few days while the regular horse gal is off skiing. I noticed that the coral fence is being eaten away by the horses. There were 8 horses but 2 horses were given to another federal agency in Idaho and they left this Thursday. Now, I am feeding 6 horses. One more horse will be sent off to an independent horse retirement farm because he is old and crotchety. He does not want a pack on him and stays well away from people. Five horses will cost less to maintain and they will get more packing/ riding trips.

the horses here are work horses. They are for packing things into wilderness areas and they have to be ready to go whenever there is a need.

We found some metal fencing in a back pasture and we put it in front of the wooden fencing which the horses are eating. What is amazing is that the coverage of what we needed was almost perfect. The metal fencing is used at times to make a coral near the wilderness areas.

I have been chopping wood and it was a pain. First, I had to get the foot of snow off the pile. Then I had to get the tarp loosened. The stupid tarp was frozen to the ground. Frozen wood splits pretty good once you get to the wood though. I also had some logs set aside and we untarped them (a pain) and now i am splitting them.

It is sunny and beautiful today. It is sunny and started at 25 dgrees which is well above the 7 degrees we had yesterday. I hope to get pictures up tomorrow. I have some of the horses, etc.

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