Wednesday, July 1, 2009

FrIday Harbor, San juan Islands

On San Juan Island, you can see Canada. I had to take a ferry there. I only stayed there one night but I mowed a 7 acre lawn. I like riding the lawn mower. I only drove through about 1/2 of the island. It sure is nice and peaceful on the San Juans.


Kim said...

It looks lovely Rich. So glad to see you are having a good time on your vacation.

Rich said...

I really am enjoying it. I go back to the islands yearly and mow. I saw some old friends which I have enjoyed. I have seen all the grandkids and that is always great. I am now in Wells, NV and cleaning horse crap. I actually enjoy cleaning horse crap and mowing another 7 acres or so. i go back to Oregon to camp in a week and looking forward to that.