Monday, June 15, 2009

Open Water

On the ferry from Alaska to Canada, I saw lots of open water. There are islands galore. Everywhere you look there are mountains and more mountains, accessible only by boat or sea plane. You see lots of trees and a mountain with a house down by the water.
I was hoping to see some bears waving at me but I didn't. Then it was pointed out that the water is salt water and bears will hang out at fresh water areas. That was a 'duh' moment. I knew that, it only makes sense.

I ust say that Juneau sure is a beautiful place. I feel blessed that I was able to be there for a yer. I am still not sure where I will be next year. I have been getting ideas with every stop I took in my trip back to oregon. We had sun for my first day back and that is always good.

Saw two grandkids yesterday and it sure is good to be around family.

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