Monday, June 22, 2009

evacuate the ship in open water

Since I was in the boat that went out relatively close to the beginning of the cruise season, we had an evacuation drill. The sounds were super loud and we were also told that it was not real. All the people who worked on the ship, except for essential personnel who were operating it, went to the boats and practiced lowering them. The boats did not touch the water but they took them down, and then put them back up. It went pretty well. I got to watch but ran into a problem when my batteries wore out. On this ship, you cannot go back to your vehicle unless it is in a port, so I did not have fresh batteries and did not get all of the exercise that I wanted.

I am not able to post daily because I am running out of time. I was in Seattle this past weekend and I am helping with yard stuff with my daughter and I have to go through my stuff and repack. I will be leaving for Nevada in a couple of days.

Father's day was great and hanging out with grandkids and kids is always a pleasure.

Evauation: I was able to call my daughter because we had cell phone coverage then and was able to leave a message that we had to evacuate the ship and hope I am able to call later. She was worried when she called but I knew that it was just a drill.

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