Monday, June 29, 2009

1000+ feet Glaciers and 1000 feet glacial lakes

Western Montana looks a lot like the Juneau, AK area. Not a lot of people, Mountains everywhere, good sized water, etc. It is intereesting how the Clark's Fork River valley got dug out. It was ground out by Glaciers millions of years ago. Imagine ice 1000 feet and more high. Mendenhall Glacier is 250 feet at the deepest, so we are talking huge. then a warming took place and there was massive lakes being blocked by ice . All the while, the ice is slowly moving down the valley grinding away dirt and rocks. Some ice breaks off which causes massive flooding of the Clark's Fork valley and even goes on to the Columbia River in WA and OR. The water in these lakes blocked by ice was up to 1000 feet deep, so we are talking massive amounts of water. When the ice flow cracked - the flooding was unbelievable.

Rocks from Montana are found in Oregon - the only way they could have gotten there was from the ice breaking and carrying the rock to OR.

The pictures are of Mendenhall Glacier and sunset in AK. I saw some great sunsets in my travels the last couple of days.

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