Monday, January 26, 2009

Snowing - lots

We have our snow. We had 8 inches fall in the last 8 hours. It is supposed to snow through the night. Looks like snow for about 3 days and then we go back to sun and cold. This recent snow is just what we need for the mountain and skiing. I had to chain up my truck to get up the hill where I live. I figure I will probably need them to get to the slopes anyway. Chained up and ready to go.

I am emotionally settling down after the shooting incident. Yesterday was a bit surreal. Getting back to teaching today helped get me thinking about regular life stuff. Innocent people being shot is just too weird. I wish 9 families are not dealing with their loved ones being shot, I feel fortunate.

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Kim said...

It is so sad about those families. I am glad that school is taking your mind off of it some.

With all that snow you will be sure to have excellent conditions for getting out there whether on snow shoes or a snow board!