Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sunny, cold and windy today! Beautiful!

Beautiful day! Cold and windy but super beautiful!
Bottom picture: It was taken from my porch. There are mountain goats up on that mountain.
Top picture: Of the Marina and mountains by my school in Douglas.

I drove to Auke Bay and mendenhall Glacier, so I got a lot of pictures to put up. My internet is down so I am doing this at the library in Juneau. Flying out in 4 days. Got a suitcase out and throwing things towards it. Clean the apartment - YUK.


*Brianna* said...

Dad, I love the pics! But I can't wait until you are home for awhile!

Kim said...

Sorry to hear about your Internet being down, I can totally identify with how lousy that is!

I cannot believe the view you get from your window!!! So beautiful!! I look forward to seeing the other pictures when you have Internet access again. I love being able to see Alaska through your eyes. Such an amazing state and you capture it well.

Rich said...

Bri: I am looking forward to the trip. Tell the boys, I will see them in 3 days.

Kalen: There are mountains everywhere here. I used to think Oregon and Washington had lots of mountains but Alaska has many more and they are bigger. Having a sunny day to actually see them is pretty rare though.

Anonymous said...