Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Portland vs Boston

I was given two tickets to a basketball game yesterday. I was able to take my Grandson to see Portland play Boston. It was a good game and Portland won during the last minute. The Celtics were the world champs last year so it is a big deal. A daughter and her fiance were also at the game so that was kind of neat.


Kim said...

How fun is that!! It is so funny that the Celtics were the world champs last year. I work at a bank and we have tickets for our biggest customers. In the past no one wanted to go because the Celtics were so lousy. Last year people were begging for them.

I am glad you were able to experience it with your grandkids.

Rich said...

What is funny is that one grandkid stayed over last night and about 4 AM, he was throwing up. I got him into the bathroom but had to strip a bed and clean the carpet to the bathroom. The blazer tickets are hot now but they were give away tickets a few years ago.

Have a good day.