Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reindeer Run

This picture is from the Anchorage Reindeer Run. People run a course and some reindeer also are on the course. By the way, did you know that reindeer is a meat to be eaten, it really is. Reindeer meat is sold in the stores here in Emmonak. It is 30 degrees this Friday morning. Yesterday, we started off with 25 degrees but it cooled down to 10 degrees when I went outside.

SATURDAY: 40 degree high temp and it is 30 degrees in the morning. It is supposed to warm up all week long. Still snow and ice but it will probably melt this week.

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Anonymous said...

Hey ,don't pass on that Reindeer Meat info to the grandkids....may traumatize them for life ! hehehe