Thursday, May 4, 2017

This Republican called TrumpCare a total Piece Of Shit but will vote yes today

Republicans are hoping that their shiny new turd, Trumpcare 2.0, will pass the House so they can finally say to their selfish, ignorant, Obama-hating base that they have done something about Obamacare. (As I write this the bill is being debated on the House floor.) Some have been urged to vote for the bill, even if they don’t like it, because they have been told that the Senate would get rid of the things they object to.
There are 23 Republicans in the House who represent districts won by Hillary Clinton last fall. Most of them are nervous about what an “aye” vote on Trumpcare would mean for their political futures. But, if the GOP whip count is to be believed, at least a few of that group plan on holding their breath and voting for the bill anyway.
But there is one Republican in that group who isn’t concerned about her political future because she has announced her retirement from the House at the end of her current term. That Republican is Florida’s Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.
On Thursday morning Ros-Lehtinen released a statement about the bill and let it be known that it would do serious damage to the constituents of her south Florida district. Think about that for a minute. She could go into the House chamber today, play the part of the good little Republican stooge, and vote the way her leadership wanted her to vote. No political fallout for her — she’s getting out of Dodge before the next election. But Ros-Lehtinen appears to have something that the vast majority of her GOP colleagues are missing: a conscience. And a sense of service to her constituents, not to her party or the dumbass that occupies the White House and who is pushing this disaster on America just so he can say he has a victory on something, anything, no matter what it is.
All I can say is, “Bravo, congresswoman, bravo.”
Here is Ros-Lehtinen’s complete statement:
Despite amendments and changes, the AHCA still fails to provide for the needs of my constituents. I will not support a bill that has the potential to severely harm the health and lives of people in South Florida and therefore I remain steadfast in my commitment to vote NO on the AHCA. The recent addition of further funds to high risk pools continues to be inadequate and fails to cover those who need it most. If enacted, the older and poorer South Floridians will be worse off and will find it more difficult to obtain quality healthcare. My constituents should not have to take a step backward in their ability to obtain treatment for any illness and thus, I will vote NO.

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