Thursday, May 4, 2017

Colbert found the good parts of TrumpCare! A visit to another state. VIDEO

This is very good.  Watch the video.

Stephen Colbert Just Revealed The One Good Thing About Trumpcare And It’s Hilarious

“Donald Trump is still trying to repeal and replace Obamacare,” he began. “He still doesn’t have the votes, but then again, that’s how he got elected.”
One Member of Congress who has foolishly decided to vote for the bill is Representative Robert Pettinger (R-NC), who recently justified allowing states to end pre-existing condition protections.
“Pettinger explained that if you have a preexisting condition that your state won’t cover, quote, ‘People can go to the state they want to live in,'” said Colbert, adding, “Hey kids, Dad’s got pancreatitis. Road trip!
Colbert theorized that this could be a boon for state tourism and unveiled some great new potential slogans, including “Virginia is for livers” and “I heart transplant New York!” among others.
Way to find the silver lining in a truly horrid piece of legislation, Stephen. Everyone should take a short break from fighting to keep that nightmare from becoming law to enjoy this great clip:

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