Monday, July 31, 2017

Steve Schmidt goes off on Mooch and Trump and the Lying Liars in the White House.

After a round table discussion with Nicolle Wallace, Steve Schmidt ripped the gauze off the White House and the damage they're doing in a way that every network ought to be doing right now.
The discussion was fairly benign until that point, centering around "respect" and whether or not a West Wing can do without it. I mean, really?
Schmidt brought a dose of reality back to everyone with his ensuing rant, delivered in a quiet and intense voice.
"These people don't work for IBM," Schmidt reminded. "These people are in close proximity to the most powerful person in the world...These are positions of immense responsibility, immense importance."
The danger is real, and it's serious, Schmidt continued, particularly in terms of trustworthy leadership of our military and in the foreign arena, pointing out that for the first time ever in the history of the Western Alliance, the Australian, Canadian, and British prime ministers can't trust the credibility of the administration to commit their troops to American command.
"It makes the world more dangerous," he warned.
Putting everything into the proper perspective, Schmidt wrapped it up this way: "It's not that Anthony Scaramucci used bad words. It's that Anthony Scaramucci showed us all he revealed what's going on there. The snake pit. The leaking. The lack of probity. The lack of rectitude by these people who constantly, constantly since Donald Trump became president have stood up in front of the podium with the White House seal on it, have serially lied to the American people have prevaricated constantly. And it is not good for America. It's bad."
Before everyone goes off about how Steve Schmidt is responsible for Sarah Palin, consider the possibility that he knows that and has gotten a clue. Instead of lying to us all and claiming there was no harm from that, he's instead calling out lies as a bad thing, and sending some serious warning shots which each and every cable network should pay attention to.
Yes, the White House lies. All the time. Serious lies. The President of the United States is a serial liar, whether it's on Twitter, a cabinet meeting or a speech. And then he sends out his minions to lie, and it's high time someone called it out on cable, which Steve Schmidt just did
Every cable network should be operating on these two premises:
  1. The White House lies
  2. Lies are bad for America
If they do that, we might actually survive this miserable despotic Presidency that should never have happened.

MOOCH FIRED AS PRESS SECRETARY by Trump after 10 Days on the job.

Mooch is history!  His wife also filed for divorce this past week.  It seems she was 9 months pregnant and he was working for Trump so he could not be at the birth.  He sent her a text saying CONGRATULATIONS.  His Job:  Seems he was in the bathroom or bedroom seeing who was trying to give themselves blowjobs or something like that - Important stuff

Anthony Scaramucci fired: What else happens in 10 days?

Media captionThe feud between Priebus and Scaramucci decoded

What can happen in 10 days? Many things, including being hired and then fired as White House communications director.
It was quite a week for Anthony Scaramucci. Faster than his rise and fall was social media reaction to his sacking.
#Scaramucci quickly became a trending topic on Twitter worldwide - and here's what some had to say.

First, what lasts more than 10 days?

Tweet from user StaircaseWhitt reads: Just checked and I, a 5 day per week commuter, didn't fill my car with gas during Scaramucci's time as White House Communications Director.Image copyrightTWITTER - @STAIRCASEWHITT
Tweet from user MindThrowaway reads: If you bought milk on the day Scaramucci was hired, it is still fresh. #ScaramucciImage copyrightTWITTER - @MINDTHROWAWAY
Tweet from user MichaelLKelly reads: Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kris Humphries lasted SEVEN TIMES longer than Anthony #Scaramucci as White House communications director.Image copyrightTWITTER - @MICHAELLKELLY
Tweet from user woodythemover: I've had hangovers that have lasted longer than #ScaramucciImage copyrightTWITTER - @WOODYTHEMOVER

Only 10 days - but what a time it was

Tweet from user pattymo reads: Love to sell my business and get divorced by my 9 months pregnant wife to get a job working for Mr. Trump, then get fired 10 days laterImage copyrightTWITTER - @PATTYMO
Tweet from user iowahawkblog reads It will be interesting to see how future historians will evaluate the Scaramucci EraImage copyrightTWITTER - @IOWAHAWKBLOG

Feeling out of breath? You're not alone

You go to the toilet in DC these days & you end up missing a major Trump scandal or firing or crazy tweet. Simply can't keep up. #ScaramucciImage copyrightTWITTER - @MEHDIRHASAN
Tweet from user OliverBooks reads: Who will be eliminated next?!?! On this week's episode of The White House... Trump Removes Anthony ScaramucciImage copyrightTWITTER - @OLIVERBOOKS
Tweet from user Gateau reads: Scaramucci out even before SNL could take a crack at him!Image copyrightTWITTER - @GATEAU

Remember what he said about deleting old tweets because "past views evolved"?

Tweet from user EliotHiggins reads: Scaramucci looking for the undelete button in TwitterImage copyrightTWITTER - @ELIOTHIGGINS

600 BILLION SPENT ON IRAQ looking for WMDs - The new GOP Normal is wasting money on Changing Foreign Governments

Is This the 'New Normal' We Want?

America spent $600 billion on Iraq. We could have used it for the environment.

Photo Credit: Tatiana Grozetskaya/Shutterstock
I lived with a military version of the “new normal” when my husband came back from Iraq with severe combat trauma, and there was nothing normal about it. Those years were defined by fear, insecurity, lies, violence, and crystal meth. I shudder at the fact that much of this country has tacitly accepted the Trump era as the new normal. When I hear climate scientists say the heat records of recent years will become the new normal within a decade or so,  I realize just how bad it will be. Anyone who’s been told to normalize highly abnormal and potentially lethal conditions has a gut-level understanding that new normal is a dog whistle for hell.
"New normal" is the phrase society slaps on the horrific conditions we have created and now lack the courage and love to change. So we get used to things that shouldn’t have happened in the first place, and most of us are okay with it, as long as it doesn’t happen to us. But eventually, it will. Truthfully, it’s happening to all of us right now, even if we’re too distracted by a shiny new news story to see it. A Google search of how miserable poor Don Jr. is with dad in the White House generated nearly seven million results. By comparison, a search for articles about how GOP leaders stripped Rep. Barbara Lee’s (D-CA) amendment to repeal the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) from the FY 2018 Appropriations Act at zero dark hundred produced 70,000 hits.
Since Congress refuses to raise war taxes or reinstate the draft, you probably believe you’ll never have to pay for the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and elsewhere that you don’t fight, don’t notice and may not even support. I’ve got bad news: you’re already paying for them. Those of you with children and grandchildren, or the dream that one day you’ll be parents? Be warned: the little ones will pay a whole lot more than you. They might just pay with their lives, even if they never wear the uniform.
The carbon footprint of military operations is massive, and in the war between combat and climate, combat is clearly winning. The Iraq War alone released at least 141 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e), according to figures from Oil Change International, a think tank on the cost of fossil fuels
“That’s about the equivalent of adding 25 million cars to the road in the US in one year,” said climate activist and author Bill McKibben, in his testimony at the People’s Tribunal on the Iraq War in Washington, D.C. last December. 
McKibben is the founder of, and I invited him to speak at the Tribunal, where I also testified. I knew what the war had cost me: my husband, my home and land, my job, my healthcare, and my security and identity (literally). I wanted to know what it was costing everyone, and the price that might be paid by the future. In his testimony, McKibben remarked, “This one war produce[d] more carbon each year than 60 percent of the world’s countries.”
Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the main drivers of climate change, and in case you missed it, a recent report revealed that one of the consequences of that is an incipient “biological annihilation.” It is almost as if we’re waging war on ourselves. Professor Gerardo Ceballas, one of the report’s co-authors, said to CNN’s John Sutter, “What is at stake is really the state of humanity.” 
Also at stake is the humanity of a nation that signs a blank check for endless war.  Trump has proposed a $54 billion increase in Department of Defense spending; he plans to siphon some of the funds via brutal cuts to the EPA budget. Nearly 40 percent of Americans live in areas with frequently unhealthy levels of air pollution, and more than 600,000 children worldwide die every year because of it. 
The recent calving of the so-called Exxon Knew iceberg from Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf is going to accelerate rising sea levels, which will have a catastrophic casualty count. Cutting funds to agencies that support life in order to finance activities that do not is morally indefensible.
A Congress that would even contemplate spending $406.5 billion on a few F-35s for warfare while attempting to slash $800 billion from senior healthcare and revoke health insurance from 22 million poor and disabled Americans is actively redefining what it means to be morally bankrupt. Should the Affordable Care Act be repealed, an estimated 24,000 Americans will die each year. That’s triple the total number of troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001.
We simply cannot afford any more unlimited funding of unlimited war. We’ve already paid far too much.
“The total U.S. spending on the Iraq war could have covered all the global investment in renewable power generation needed between now and 2030 in order to halt the rise in the planet’s temperature,” McKibben said. 
With the $600 billion Congress put into military operations in Iraq, America could have helped protect the planet. We helped destroy it instead. Congress is poised to once again pledge allegiance to endless war and all the collateral damage it creates. Is this the “new normal” we want?

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Why Comey DID NOT go after Trump / Putin during the election! Serious Investigation could have been exposed so he just went after Hillary.

The Reason Comey Stayed Mum On The Russia Probe Before The Election Should Scare The Hell Out Of Trump

It’s a question we’ve been asking ever since Donald Trump won the 2016 election and we later discovered the FBI had begun investigating the Trump-Russia connection since July of 2016: Why didn’t FBI Director James Comey tell us there was an active investigation into the Trump campaign and Russian operatives?
As it turns out, the answer should scare the living shit out of the illegitimate resident of the White House.

Partial Radio Silence

Based on a report published Thursday on Alternet, the reason James Comey announced the secondary review of the Clinton emails but remained quiet on any investigation of Trump is simple: He didn’t want to jeopardize a major case he was building. Comey and the FBI feared:
“[jeopardizing] a long-running, ultra-sensitive operation targeting mobsters tied to Russian President Vladimir Putin — and to Trump.”

The Russian Mafia Connection

The FBI has been after the Russian mafia for years. The nexus of Russian mobsters, Putin, and Trump provided the perfect opportunity for law enforcement to target Russian gangsters involved in business involving the interests of the United States. The Russian mafia “is one of the Bureau’s top priorities,” and has been for decades.
Federal officials were so eager to protect their investigation that they even went to extraordinary lengths: To protect an FBI source who was a convicted criminal with deep ties to Russian organized crime, some agents even became part of his defense counsel and urged a federal judge to show “extreme leniency” toward the source when he appeared for sentencing.

Trump and Trump Tower

This is where Trump and Trump Tower enter the picture. And this is not something that just began with Trump’s run for the White House: “For more than three decades the FBI has had Trump Tower in its sights,” monitoring its occupants’ ties to organized crime networks, including the Russian mafia. One former Trump Organization adviser and resident of Trump Tower, Felix Sater, would appear to be the ideal candidate as the FBI’s source into the Russia-based crime ring.

Who Is Felix Sater?

Sater was born in Russia and was convicted in 1998 of being part of a massive stock fraud scheme which he and members of the Bonnao and Genovese families (Sicilian mafia “families”) were also part of. As a result, Sater became a spy for the CIA and helped locate a dozen Stinger missiles which were for sale on the black market. In exchange for buying the missiles and turning them over to law enforcement, Sater was spared any jail time.
After his brush with the law, Sater changed his name to Satter and became a senior adviser for Bayrock Group LLC, a real-estate development company based in New York. Through his work with Bayrock, Stater worked on the Trump SoHo, and was a senior adviser to Donald Trump and The Trump Organization as early as 2006.

Sater Gets A Pass

In 2009, Sater was sentenced in the stock and racketeering case, but merely paid a $25,000 fine. He was not forced make restitution to any the victims of his fraudulent stock scheme, which is “mandatory under federal law.” Clearly, Sater had an angel in the law enforcement community who wanted him to remain free and able to inform on behalf of the government.
When investors who lost money attempted to sue Sater, the judge in the case was told that to probe any further would threaten American national security. The judge later disclosed that the matter had made it to the top levels:
“Of a national law enforcement security agency. I should say agencies—plural.”
As a result, the judge agreed to refer to Sater  as “John Doe” to “protect the life of the person.”

What Next?

If indeed Donald Trump has ties to Russian organized crime as well as Vladimir Putin, he could well have exposed his entire family to danger. The Russian mafia is among the most brutal in the world, known for its exceptionally violent actions against enemies and the families of enemies.
Donald Trump could wind up being squeezed on three sides as this investigation continues: By federal law enforcement, by Russian government operatives, and by an organized crime network that has tentacles which reach all over the globe.