Friday, July 28, 2017

TRUMP'S WEEK OF FAILURE explained in 3 minutes.

Failure Friday Broken Down In Under 3 Minutes, Trump Needs A New Favorite Word

failure friday
Mika pulls no punches outlining the fail-fail White House

Mika Brzezinski of “Morning Joe” just broke down what real failure looks like, and it is the last 48 hours of the Trump “presidency.”
Not only is his top pick for White House Communications Director, and potty-mouth Anthony Scaramucci, crying over spilt profanity (his own), Trumps promise to “repeal Obamacare” (which most of his voters didn’t know was the same as the ACA they rely on for health care) tanked overnight because of three GOP Senators who wanted to keep their jobs. But it doesn’t stop there.
Trump has managed to unite Capital Hill in opposition to his heinous treatment of his own Attorney General Jeff Sessions, for not protecting him adequately from an investigation into his own administration and himself — snatching failure from success. He has also failed in his hasty, hateful and unnecessary transgender military ban, throwing the Joint Chiefs a curveball they let foul out. Then there is General Mattis reported reaction (appalled) to that same ban which he only had 24 hours notice of while on vacation, again, a fail.
He also forced the Boy Scouts of America to apologize for his hyper partisan political speech to the scouts, a first ever in America.
The list of Trump’s Failure Friday antics go on and on, but Mika is able to cover most, if not all, in under 3 minutes. At least she understands the difference between “win” (Trump’s favorite word) and “fail.” Trump’s gonna need a new favorite word, it looks like.
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