Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Reports: Trump gave Comey's Computer Info to Russia

It’s now well established that Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey the day before he met with the Russians in the Oval Office and gave them classified information, setting off a firestorm of controversy. But now multiple reports point to Trump also having given the Russians something else during that meeting: the contents of James Comey’s computer.
That assertion was first pointed to by political pundit Puesto Loco, whose inside sources have a history of being proven correct. It’s well established that Donald Trump sent his own bodyguard Keith Schiller to hand deliver Comey’s termination notice, at a time when Trump knew Comey was out of town in California. Two days ago, Puesto Loco pointed to a scenario of Trump having purposely sent Schiller to Comey’s empty office to copy the contents of Comey’s computer so it could be given to the Russians the next day (link).
Today a similar report is coming from the opposite side of the political aisle, with political pundit Louise Mensch asserting that according to her own inside sources, a Trump ally did indeed copy the contents of Comey’s computer and gave it to the Russians. But her assertions go further: Comey knew he would eventually get fired, and he set up the data on his computer as a trap, and the evidence is now in the hands of the Department of Justice (link).
As always, you can take these reports for what you think they’re worth. But it’s worth noting that Trump made the bizarre decision to send Schiller of all people to deliver the termination notice, suggesting some sort of hijinks. And Trump certainly knew Comey was on the other side of the country at the time. In addition, this kind of meticulousness on the part of Comey dovetails with his habit of documenting all of his conversations with Trump in memos, fearing the worst. Finally, if Comey was indeed setting a trap for Trump, he would have told his staff to give Trump’s firing messenger access to the computer in question. And it might help explain why the Deputy Attorney General decided to appoint a Special Counsel to take over the investigation today.

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