Sunday, October 16, 2016

SNL did the 2nd Trump, Clinton debate - AMAZING - Must See

Click the link to see the video.
ec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon reprised their roles as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for this week’s show opening sketch on Saturday night live.
Trump and Clinton met again for their second debate, in which they refused to shake hands and then Trump stalked around the stage to the soundtrack from the shark attack film Jaws.
“They are undecided, uncommitted and not remotely camera-ready,” said debate moderator Martha Raddatz after she and Anderson Cooper had each taken a fortifying shot of whiskey.
When asked if he feels he is modeling appropriate behavior for an adult to demonstrate in front of children, Trump answered, “Anderson, I love the kids. I love them so much I marry them.”
When Trump played his “power move” of introducing the four women who accuse former Pres. Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct, Clinton made a great show of putting on the voice of a distressed Southern belle and pretending to beg him not to do it before snapping back to herself and quipping, “Get real, I’m made of steel. This is noting. Hi, girls!”

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