Sunday, October 16, 2016

Republican Office In North Carolina Fire Bombed: Probably a Trump Follower

Just when it seemed the 2016 election couldn’t get any more chaotic or harrowing, a Republican Party office in North Carolina was vandalized and firebombed to the point of destruction on Sunday evening. Fortunately no one was injured, because no one was working at the time. Within minutes, Donald Trump claimed – without any evidence – that the violent attack was carried out by supporters of Hillary Clinton. But whoever was behind this, it probably wasn’t any Democrat, or anyone supporting Clinton. Instead the logic points elsewhere.
Why do I say this? Simple logical deduction. Donald Trump’s candidacy is unraveling by the day and is now on a near certain path to losing badly on election day Further, his ongoing meltdown is dragging down the Republican Party’s efforts in House and Senate races across the nation. With the Democrats so clearly in the driver’s seat, there would simply be no reason for anyone supporting the Democrats to have been behind this attack. However, there are others who would have plenty to gain by carrying out this particular kind of attack at this time.
Donald Trump has recently escalated his ongoing war with the Republican Party to new levels, repeatedly launching verbal assaults on his own party’s national leaders, as his campaign cut off the Republican chairman in Ohio entirely. Trump has also unraveled to the point that he’s been seen physically ripping his teleprompter to shreds during a rally speech on one day, and demanding that Hillary Clinton be drug tested the next, even as his surrogates openly call for violence if he loses the election.
With such a clear fault line having formed between Trump and the Republican Party, it makes no sense that any Democrat would now be attacking a Republican Party office and vandalizing it with a phrase such as “Nazi Republicans leave town or else.” Even if some Democratic lone wolf did snap, such an attack would have been leveled at a Trump campaign headquarters, not at a GOP headquarters. Further, this attack took place in a district where registered Democrats dominate, meaning the Republican Party doesn’t have much of meaningful presence to begin with. This is one of the last Republican Party offices that a Democrat would be likely to target.

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