Friday, October 7, 2016

Another Trump advisor has Russia Connections

There is a disturbing trend in the Trump campaign. After revelations in August came to light that Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was a lobbyist on behalf of pro-Russian Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych, he resigned in shame, and currently undergoing investigation.
Then, one month later, another Trump advisor, Carter Page, was probed for potentially holding secretive talks with Russian officials in an effort to have U.S. sanctions lifted. Ever since then, the Trump campaign has severed any ties with Page they once had.
If the evidence couldn’t be clearer that Trump is surrounding himself with pro-Russian allies in order to accomplish some nefarious endgame, it’s been reported that yet another advisor has been caught doing business with Russia while coordinating with the campaign.
According to congressional lobbying disclosures, Richard Burt received $365,000 from a Russian government-owned firm lobbying for a proposed natural-gas pipeline. The pipeline, which is opposed by the United States, would allow Russia to bypass Ukraine and Belarus thus greatly expanding Putin’s power in Europe and abroad.
Burt was responsible for crafting Trump’s first major foreign policy speech in which Trump called for greater cooperation with Russia:
I believe an easing of tensions and improved relations with Russia — from a position of strength — is possible. Common sense says this cycle of hostility must end. Some say the Russians won’t be reasonable. I intend to find out.
Burt also held policy meetings on national security and foreign policy with Alabama Senator (and Trump cheerleader) Jeff Sessions. Sessions is also the chair of the Trump campaign’s national security committee.

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