Monday, June 13, 2016

Video - Orlando: Just 1 of 1000 Mass Shootings since Sandy Hook: Why does the US have so many shootings?

Orlando Nightclub Massacre Just One Of 1,000 US Mass Shootings Since Sandy Hook (VIDEO)

Last night, Orlando became home of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, when 50 people were brutally gunned down in a gay nightclub massacre.
However devastating as the news may have struck our emotional cords, when trying to comprehend and grasp what just happened, statistically, mass shootings have now become frequent.
There is a mass shooting in the U.S. almost every day. More precisely, there have been 998 mass shootings in the 912 days since Sandy Hook, according to numbers from theGun Violence Archive.
The database keeps track of events since 2013 in which four or more people (not including the shooter) were shot at the same time and location.
Researchers comb through hundreds of news stories, police reports, and other sources each day, and all reports are individually verified. Some shootings are not reported, so there is likely even more.

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