Monday, June 13, 2016

Trump, NRA and GOP: Are you working with ISIL and the Terrorists? Why are NO FLY LIST folks allowed to legally buy guns?

Isn’t it absolutely incredible that the President of the United States, the supposedly most powerful man in the world, has no way of stopping known hate-filled persons of FBI terror-related interest legally buying guns in America?
In fact, isn’t it just a bloody scandal of epic proportions?
Then, he wrote this:
The Republican politicians leaping up and down with fury at Islamic terror today are the same Republicans who’ve systematically blocked every attempt by Obama to introduce any new gun laws which might have stopped Omar Mateen arming himself to the teeth and committing his sickening outrage.
They do so because if they don’t, the NRA will punish them and possibly get them kicked them out of office. Such is the repulsive power that the country’s most repellent lobby group wields in Washington.
So we have a situation where this latest mass murderer was inspired by ISIS, freed by the FBI and enabled by the NRA.
He called that “utterly insane.” Finally, he closed with this:
But how about this for an idea? I want every known ISIS sympathiser in America on FBI files, including every name on the no-fly list, to be banned with immediate effect from buying a gun, so we can try to save American lives.
You with me, NRA and Mr Trump, or are you with the terrorists?
Those were, of course, some selected pulls of text. Read the whole thing here.

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