Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I ran out of space for pictures on this blog so I am going to just tell stories and have no pictures.

True Alaska Story:

Last week 3 mid twenty year old Alaskans took an 18 foot skif out to fish.  This was late November so we can have crazy weather which is tough of larger boats.  The engine on the boat quit working and the weather got bad.  The boat got swamped and went down in the water.

The three men went into the very cold Alaskan water.  One drowned, two others made the shore.  One of the ones who made the shore died after making shore.  The two dead young men were brothers.

The third man was picked up and came back to Juneau, his home.  It was a heavy loss to have his friends die.  This past Sunday, the survivor was found dead in his house.  His body has been taken to Anchorage to see what caused his death.  There is a lot of speculation.  Survivor's guilt is one I have heard.

Today, a fellow I work with told me that his friend died this past weekend.  I asked if he was the survivor of the boat sinking and he said yes.  he told me about the fellow and his talent as a carpenter.

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