Sunday, January 13, 2008

A picture of a log house which is not being used. That is my shadow you see. I am walking to the store at this time.


Ashley said...

Nice cowboy shadow! It looks as though you are wearing wranglers, boots, and spurs.

Rich said...

I have on sweats, wool pants, sweater, two coats and that U of O hat that covers my ears. My ears still got cold. The sun sure was bright though.

I actually need something to cover my face from the cold. I could buy for one about $20.00 at the store.

Ashley said...

I have one! I'll send it to you. I need your address!! Do you guys get mail there?

Rich said...

Send it to:

Richard Brisco
100 School Road
Emmonak, AK 99581

I will be getting a PO box tomorrow.
But the above will get to me.

Marcia said...

So much fun being able to share this experience with you through pictures and written communications, Rich! Can't wait to "meet" your students, co-workers and village friends. Let us know what you need and we'll send it your way.

Rich said...

I am glad this is up to show everyone what bush Alaska is like. It is totally different than cities and even small towns.
what is weird is to see the pictures and then go outside and take a walk and see it in person. IT IS COLD WHEN I GO OUTSIDE and the picture just has a small shot of what I see.

I think you guys get a good idea of what Emmonak is like with this. I need a towel and sheets (single is fine.)