Saturday, January 26, 2008


Today, I bought some handmade slippers made out of seal skin and beaver for $100.00
They look like works of art.

ANYWAY, I WAS TALKING TO THE STORE MANAGER ABOUT LOCAL CRAFTS, ETC AND THE WEATHER. He told me that this is the weirdest weather he has seen and he grew up here. He said it is warm and weird. He said Emmonak never has rain in Jan like we had last week. HE SAID ABOVE ZERO NEVER HAPPENS IN JAN IN EMMONAK. I asked him if Global Warming could be the cause and he said yes. The change is much too drastic for anything else.
he said that the ice should be at least 5 to 8 feet thick and it is only about 2 feet thick.

I bought the shoes and talked to him about a beaver hat for my cold head and ears. I think I will buy a doll or two. I plan on buying one or two items a month. I might see if Maureen wants to display and maybe sell them in her store. These things are made by locals and I like that. The boy I gave the check to for the slippers is the son of the lady who made them.

Hope all is going well. It is -10 here in Emmonak. My camera died though - yuk!
My computer is working again. I put the Panther into my computer.


Trish said...

When you can, put up a pic of your new slippers. And take some pics of a selection of their crafts (if the craft designers are ok with it). Maybe we all will try to order some. Of course, money is tight for most of your readers, but we'll see.

I'm sorry to hear about the thin ice. That's a big problem.

Ashley said...

You put the Panther into your computer?? I'm not even mad, I'm impressed!! Wow about the thin ice. That is amazing. How destructive we are. And we don't want to think about it!!!! ARgh.