Monday, August 7, 2017

Trump distances himself from Secret Service.: Russian Oligarch's Plane lands about this time. (This happens time and time again)

Trump has been creating more and more distance between himself and the Secret Service over the last few weeks. He’s pushed them out of Trump Tower and now he’s vacationing without them. Naturally, now that he’s pushed them away, a Russian oligarch’s private plane has landed in the same vacation spot. Coincidence?
Earlier in the week the Washington Post reported that Trump was forcing the Secret Service out of the command post in Trump Tower and into a trailer outside, then to a completely new building. Trump doesn’t even live at Trump Tower anymore, so it didn’t make sense at first. Now it’s being reported that the Secret Service will be using drones to protect the President remotely while he’s on vacation. That’s right, they will protect him via drone! We can’t make this up, folks.
Palmer Report points out:
Then came the discovery today that the private plane belonging to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, who has close ties to Vladimir Putin, and whose wife attended Trump’s inauguration in January, just happened to land in New Jersey today. Abramovich’s plane arrived at Newark Airport within a few hours of Trump’s own arrival at that same New Jersey airport for his golf vacation – which we reported here. That leads to the necessary question of whether Donald Trump is pushing away the Secret Service because he doesn’t want agents to witness his interactions with anyone who might happen to show up at his golf resort over the next seventeen days. And that takes us back to another recent incident involving Trump and the Secret Service.
Trump’s attorney has argued that nothing criminal could have happened during the Trump Jr. meeting with the Russians, because the Secret Service was there and would have stopped any wrongdoing. While that was quickly proved incorrect, that line of argument did lead Trump’s team to realize if the Secret Service does witness a crime they can be called to testify about it.

Since that came to light, Trump has been pushing the Secret Service away. We do not think this is a coincidence. Trump is still wrapped up in illegal activity with the Russians and he’s trying to make sure there are no witnesses. Trump is digging himself a deep whole and he will not be able to undo it.

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