Tuesday, July 4, 2017

CNN's hilarious response to Trump Wrestling beat down bullying - SUPER FUNNY.


1 hour ago by Scarce
Not actually made by CNN, of course (far too cool for that), this short video by comedian Mark Humphries of SBS Viceland (an Australian tv network) was made in only 10 hours, he told Buzzfeed. It has since gone viral, on YouTube, Twitter, and also on Facebook, where the version above by Occupy Democrats now has over 4 million views.
Source: AdNews
SBS has spoofed the now infamous Trump versus CNN video tweeted by the President.
With SBS' satirist Mark Humphries taking on the role of CNN, he addresses the camera to respond to Trump’s tweet.
The tweet, posted by Trump over the weekend, showed him wrestling and punching a figure during a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) event, but the head had now been replaced by the logo for CNN.
Also wearing a CNN logo, Humphries says: “My name is CNN and I was assaulted by the President of the United States.
“The bullying started a while ago, mainly online. Donald Trump started calling me fake news, which was almost as painful as me having to call him President of the United States.”
And here's the YouTube version by SBS Viceland.

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