Saturday, June 17, 2017


Poor Donald is upset at not being able to FIRE anyone at anytime to control the investigations.  He is giving himself a timeout to talk to his smartest advisor - HIMSELF.

As the week has gone on and it’s become more clear just how serious of legal trouble he’s in, his behavior has become more angry and despondent. There have been angry Twitter rants, and reports that he’s been reduced to screaming at White House television sets. Now he’s at Camp David for the first time, amid word that he’s holed up there in isolation and refusing to hold meetings with anyone.
That’s the word from former Secret Service investigator Pesach ‘Pace’ Lattin, who posted the following today: “Trump has isolated himself at Camp David and refusing to see anyone. He has no appointments for 60 hours” (link). He then went on to add “Trump once implied Camp David was a rustic shit hole. Isolating himself for almost three days there is telling” (link). This is the only time Trump has gone to the official presidential retreat, as he’s gone golfing at his own resorts nearly every weekend since taking office.
So what is Donald Trump actually doing at Camp David? It is a good place for him to hole himself up in relative isolation. If he were at one of his own resorts this weekend, members would be coming and going, and he would have a more difficult time remaining isolated. But even then, it’s startling to hear of a sitting president going three days without being willing to meet with anyone on his own team. Is he staring at cable news? Merely staring at the walls?
In any case Donald Trump has reached the point where he’s essentially gone into hiding, at an isolated resort he purports to hate, at a time when the investigations into his criminal scandals are exploding and it’s increasingly clear that his presidency is destined to fail. At this point, is he sitting around thinking about his legal defense, or resignation? If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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